Facebook is useless to pick up women online

Facebook could have been the biggest dating website on earth. However, Facebook is now a bad social media for dating.

Fake women profiles

Facebook is packed with fake Facebook profiles of women. Usually, some men steal pictures from women and create a Facebook profile using those pictures.

Locked system

The groups are now locked, and it is not possible to contact women as it was before. Anyways, I have noticed that women got more and more cautious on the internet. They don’t get into a conversation like before.

Female predators are on Facebook

Facebook became the playground of gold diggers, thieves, psycho. Meanwhile, I have seen that many respectable women have closed their Facebook account. You can see them when you see those facebook accounts where they were too much makeup, fit dress, sophisticated haircut. It is not very natural to wear 5cm high heels and night fit dresses on every single picture.