Evidence that brazilian women’s beauty is overrated

When a TV crew comes to Brazil, they systematically film women on The Copacabana beach of Rio De Janeiro. Then, after shooting 3 hours on the beach, among hundreds of women on the beach, they choose the most attractive. Then, the viewer only sees a 30 seconds selection of 3 hours filming. That’s how they make you believe that Brazilian women are beautiful.

When we think about Brazilian women, we first think about Adrianna Lima, Gisele Bundchen, and Alessia Ambrosio.

With makeup Without makeup
Alessia ambrosio without makeup
adriana lima with makeup
 gisele bundchen with makeup

Now, we have pictures that are closer to reality. Then, if you go to Brazil, you will not meet supermodels. So, to show you what everyday Brazilian women look like, take a look at those profile pictures that have been randomly taken from an online dating website specialized in dating Brazilian women. For your information, I did not choose the ugliest women.

Since we have shown you real faces of Brazil, we would like to give rational information about Brazil. Brazil is not a place populated with Gisele Bundchen look-a-like women. Compared to other countries there are no more beautiful women in Brazil. Multiracial women are not all stunning as advertised on TV. By the way, there aren’t more beautiful women in the Brazilian multiracial population than in other female population from another country.

I wrote this article to destroy the myth which assesses that all Brazilian women are beautiful sexy & curvaceous women.