Evidence that Japan is a great place to date women.

In my Top 10 countries for women seduction and dating, I have added Japan in number 6 stating it was an underestimated country. In fact, nobody thinks about Japan to date women but it is a great place where women are feminine, sensual & sexual still as I am writing those lines. There is a Youtube channel that confirms what I said about Japan, That’s the David Bond channel.

Here is one Youtube video from David Bond. It is entitled from Starbucks to Bedroom.


This may look staged but in fact, I have found myself in very similar situations than David Bond. In the Japanese culture, young women are willing to socialize with men. On the other hand, in many countries of the western world, women are most of the time closed off and don’t want to talk to men.

Also, the videos show that it is very important to learn Japanese if you plan to go and stay in Japan and if you are heterosexual.

I do encourage you to read my guide to dating women:

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