Don’t kill a man for a woman

A boyfriend / husband may kill another man because of a woman in several circumstances:

  • This man had sex with his wife or girlfriend
  • He is jealous of this man
  • The wife or girlfriend said something that implied that this man should be killed and the husband/boyfriend decides to kill the said man. 

When it happens it means that the male killer considers the wife to be the most important thing in his life. This means that the killer forgets the importance of his family, friends, job and freedom. He is ready to sacrifice his freedom and perhaps his life for a woman. 

This also means that he gets an emotionnal being. He does not look at the rational side of the situation. The killing of a man becomes the only solution.

This man should step back from the situation. I think that the best would be to leave the place where he usually live for sometimes in order to think about it. For example, it is good to go out to a country side. 

Male killers should understand that if we withdraw the woman from the equation there would be no killing. Men have to learn to give less importance to women. They should learn to be selfish and think of their interest first. So, perhaps it would be the time to leave the woman and get a different life.