Don’t go to Oslo, Norway to pick up women

I have been to Oslo, Norway in July 2016. First of all, I have been quite upset by the number of beggars on the street who were very pushy and quite aggressive. On the east side of Oslo, it was unsafe. I remember at some point, a man followed me on the street. I didn’t walk for a long time before finding myself in trouble. In the North of Oslo, I have found the posh area with its posh shops. I went to some clothing shops, but I haven’t spotted one beautiful woman. Quite interestingly, the most beautiful woman I have met there was a Spanish woman who worked at the Massimo Dutti shop. Then, I went to a kind of local Starbuck’s coffee shop.

Are many Norwegian women gold diggers? (an apartment case)

My host was a young redhead woman in her late twenties. I think she helped me to understand the mindset of Norwegian women. She was very demanding towards men. She pressured her boyfriend to buy an apartment in one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Oslo. I talked to one of her male friend who told me: “I could never afford to buy something here”. I wondered if this woman chose the boyfriend who had enough revenue to buy this apartment. The said apartment was only a one room apartment (a loft). Meanwhile, she also wanted to go on holidays. I understood she wanted everything right from the beginning of her adult life. This reminded me those French women who want a house and a swimming pool at 25 years old. Later on, I asked some Norwegian people to tell me if it was common that Norwegian women pressured their husband/boyfriend to buy an expensive real estate. One man answered me saying it was common. Those women even encourage their husband to outbid other offers when they buy an accommodation so they are guaranteed to get the said real estate.

Even if Norwegian people earn among the highest incomes on average in Europe, the Norwegian households are the 3rd more indebted households among the OECD countries. (1. Denmark 2. Netherlands 3. Norway… 17. USA). In 2015, The Norwegian household debt was equal to 222% of their yearly disposable income. Taking into account, there was a huge rise in real estate prices in between 2005 and 2016, I think the young Norwegian couples are more indebted than older Norwegian couples. In other words, you date a Norwegian woman, you live with her, and you end up with the biggest debt of your life.

I talk about a serious relationship case but I don’t think it is so different during dating because it is a mindset. Those women would like to get as many things as they could. They want the best. They think there is no limit of money and time. A man should be a money provider to be a companion.

Huge gap between what “fake news” media say about Norwegian women and my experience

On the internet, lots of bloggers write that Norwegian women are perfect and they illustrate this by posting pictures of Norwegian models. I have stayed Two weeks in Oslo and I haven’t seen a unicorn aka a tall blond woman with perfect shapes. I have found women extremely cold. There weren’t sensual. They looked like beings without sexuality. I found Norwegian women asexual and hypergamic. Norwegian men told me many of them travel to have sex with women. They told me it was better to go to Sweden to pick up women. They told me that I should not stay in Norway if I wanted to date women. I have been to Sweden. The difference between Norway and Sweden is like day and night. It is much better to go to Sweden if you want to interact with women. If you like beautiful landscapes Norway is for you.

A picture I took close to the Train station in Oslo

Here is a video of a guy who went to the places I went in Oslo. You can see there is no action. The title of the youtube video is “Beautiful Norwegian women” but there are perhaps only 2 of them in this 11 minutes video.

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