Don’t go for a traditional relationship

Let’s remind you what people think when they talk about the traditional relationship. It means the woman should stay home and do nothing while the husband has to work hard to get money for the household. The man takes the whole financial responsibility on his shoulders.

In case, you want to marry an unemployed woman, don’t forget that all over the world life expectancy increased. It means that if you marry a woman at aged 20 and if you die at 80 years old, you must be ready to sponsor your wife for 60 years. 

Today, women work but they earn less money than men. It means that when a man marries a woman, he works for his wife. He also accumulates wealth for his wife. If at some point there is a divorce, she will get half of all the wealth he accumulated during the common life. I am against civil marriage but if you want to go for a civil marriage, choose a wedding contract were the assets are split up into two.

On top of that, if a woman does not work, the couple will have to rely on one pension during retirement.

In a traditional relationship, men have to do all the heavy chores. Meanwhile, at home, the house chores are very light since all household chores are automated. We can’t compare fixing a car engine, making masonry, painting walls and on the other hand., warming up readymade food in the microwave oven. Since 1980, housewives benefited much more from technology than husbands. Think about dishwashers, washing machines, microwave oven, bagless vacuum cleaners. Today, housewives have almost nothing to do at home compared to housewives living in the 19th century.

In the name of gender equality, men and women have to work. At home, women should do the same chores than men. It means that women should follow up on the maintenance of the car, they should know how the electrical system work, how the water system work. They should be ready to paint walls and do all sorts of masonry jobs.