Don’t commit a suicide for a woman

If you want to kill yourself because of a woman, it means this woman became more important than your life. You have decided to put this woman on a pedestal. Why should the life of a woman more important than your life? There are no reasons that would explain why a woman should be so important.

It means there was a process where you have decided that there was nothing more important than a woman. You brushed away your goals in life, your interests in life. You have decided to erase yourself. Your entire life revolves around a woman.

However, this is just happening in your mind. Earth does not revolve around a woman. Women are disposable but not your life.

The male suicide in the name of love for a woman is the result of the on-going brainwashing. Men are taught to put women on a pedestal just like women would be special creatures to take care of. They make you believe that women should do nothing and that men should be ready to die for women. Men are brainwashed to act like little puppies. Men have to be nice to women. Men have to give gifts to women. Men have to work hard for women. Men have to make money for the women. Men have to entertain the women. Men have to be funny to women. Men have to protect women. Lastly, men have to be deeply in love with women.

This propaganda leads to a psychological state of mind where the man will never be able to match the requirements to be good enough for a woman. Do you know why? Because these requirements are always higher than what you can provide. If you earn $2000, you will be asked to earn $3000. If you look fit, you will be asked to look like a young Schwarzenegger. Requirements are never-ending.

How to fix this problem?

Stop valuing women more than you. Don’t feel guilty to think of you first. Think of your interest before thinking about women’s interests. Train yourself to be self-centered. Train yourself to be rational rather than emotional. Put yourself on a pedestal.

The most important thing that should count in your life is you.