Don’t believe those who say that foreign men abuse women

The mainstream media, the feminist associations, the propagandists make us believe the men around the world don’t treat their wife and their daughter well. The feminists try to influence our perception of the world. They want to make us believe that rape, sexual abuse are everywhere in non-western countries like Latin America, Africa, India, Asia. I do think that they try to manipulate us.

I stopped believing in this propaganda. I am French. I went to exotic countries like Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Morocco. I didn’t see that women were abused by local men.

In Syria, following the collapse of the Dash state, you can only see women in the detention camps. This means that all the Islamic men are dead. Women were not in the front line. In Palestine, I had to take a little bus, my local contact asked me to wait and let the women go first. In Syria, I saw that many female teenagers were overprotected by their parents. I lived in Arabic countries and I never saw a woman being mistreated by a man.

We can’t trust what we hear from the mainstream media.

Here is an example of fake news. Tomorrow, they could tell you that 100 Chinese college girls from the Ouighur community have been raped by Chinese soldiers. Since people would read this report in famous newspapers, they would think it is true. However, China is the paradise of fake news. In the western world, it is rare to find somebody who reads mandarin and who can check the information at the source. Chinese people don’t speak English usually. No one can double check any news coming from China. On the other hand, they can’t tell us that 100 German college girls have been raped. Germany is connected to the western world. Lots of people in Germany would be able to say that nothing happened in plain English.

The feminists disclose many fakes news on a monthly basis to pretend that all over the world women are abused by men.

They will pretend that somewhere on earth, there is a group of barbarian men who rape women, mistreat women and deprived women of liberty.

When you hear such a statement, ask yourself: “where are the proof?”

I can’t say if African men are bad with their wife, I have never been to Senegal or Nigeria. I can’t say if Iranians are bad with their wife, I never went to Iran. I can’t say if Chinese are bad with their wife either.

Don’t trust the mainstream media.