Don’t ask Ukrainian men for tips to date women in Ukraine

imageNever ask a local man about dating local women. It is nonsense. I have heard numerous times, guys asking taxi drivers, bartenders, hotel receptionists or random guys.

So, now, I would like to ask you a question. You live somewhere on earth. Would you ask the local taxi drivers, bartenders, hotel staffs, to give you advice on how to pick up local women? For sure, you would never do it. Now, why would you do it in Ukraine, Russia, Poland or Romania? You don’t need any intermediary and any advice. I say it so because I have myself lost a lot of time talking to men in several countries. It was just unnecessary.

In fact, in my case, I have found that the tips from those guys about local women were wrong. That’s why I call them storytellers because they also make you believe they are successful with the ladies. Unfortunately, there is no other way than doing the job yourself. Consequently, when I travel, I never tell foreign random men that I am in a country for women. I tell that I am on a business trip & I am vague on purpose.

Case study:

An American man traveled to Ukraine and met a Ukrainian man in fast food in Odessa. The American man has decided to film him to talk about local women.

I just want to debunk what this Ukrainian man says in the video:

  1. If a man wants to advise you about women, why is he single and why don’t women text him?
  2. The guy says that is it good to go to villages. Villages are places where there are lacks of privacy and anonymity. Women live closer to their family. On the other hand, the bigger the city is and the better it is for your privacy and anonymity. If you go to a location with very few public places like a mall, swimming pool, fitness club, clothes shops, no one will bother you.
  3. Villages in Ukraine aren’t like villages in West Europe or the USA. When you go to a small town, since the economy is small, there are not many shops. It is possible to go to places where there are no places to pick up women.
  4. Ukrainian women from West Ukraine aren’t different from women in East Ukraine.
  5. There are no good girls anywhere. It is a myth. Learn to protect yourself. Focus on having sex with the ladies, this the most important goal.
  6. Ukraine is one of the countries in Europe where there is the smallest number of English speakers. In villages, you can be sure that nobody speaks and understand English.

In fact, I have heard those type of so-called tips from local men in many different countries. Those men want to play the specialists. So, I would like to ask you something about this situation.

In your own country, would you ask local men (in bars, fast food restaurants) to give you advice about local women? That would sound crazy, isn’t it? Then, why would you do it in foreign countries?

Ukrainian dating agencies

If you travel to Ukraine and just walk around like this American man, this will not work. You will just BURN money for nothing. Here is something that really happened to an American tourist. He landed in Kiev. He went out to a bar in Kiev. He asked a local man to tell him whether it was better to stay in Kiev or Odessa to pick up women. The man told him to go to Odessa because “it was packed with beautiful students”. He went to Odessa. Then a man told him to go to West Ukraine where people were like “Europeans”.

At the end of his trip, he spent $4000 without dating any Ukrainian women.

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