Do Russian women only date rich men?

Everything we see on the TV and the Internet are the reality. Russian women don’t date rich men because there are very few rich men in Russia. Everyone is not an oligarch in Russia. The average Moscow salary is $1300 per month. All Moscow men can’t be rich with this salary. Also, there are so many beautiful Russian women in Russia so that there is just a handful of very rich men for a huge number of beautiful women.

This said, a girl like Anfisa from the 90 day fiancé take advantage of her body and the ignorance of American men. American men don’t know that in Russia there is a big number of beautiful and modest Russian women. At least, they are more beautiful and more modest than Anfisa from 90 day fiancé. 

Here is an example of the life of a Bank teller in Russia including how much rent she pays, her salary. 

Real world Russia is not glamorous. And the Russian woman who work hard don’t have crazy expectations towards men. In Russia, women don’t date rich men. It is as simple as that. On top of that, rich Russian men tend to protect themselves by going to private parties where there is only a selection of beautiful women.