Do bad boys get more girlfriends?

Pickup artists and gossipers report that bad boys get more girlfriends than nice men. I think it is a wrong way of tackling the dating relationship issue. Plus, I think the “bad boy” profile is today an urban legend. I traveled to many countries; I have never seen this so-called “bad boy” type. There are perhaps bad boys, but most of the men treat their girlfriend well.

If you meet a woman on the street or in a public area, she will get very careful and maybe suspicious about you. Whoever you are, you are going to fail because she will not be friendly to any strangers on the street. If you act like a bad boy, this will be even more difficult to be successful. In public places, the mythical bad boy profile cannot succeed. I have seen youtube videos where a PUA artist played the bad boy to pick up women in public places. That’s not reality. All of those videos are staged.

Have you ever seen a guy behaving like a bad boy to a woman in a public place and picking up this woman in front of you? No. It never happened.

In my opinion, the so-called bad boy success is marketed by both female and male storytellers and movies. In real life, things are different.

The myth of the successful bad boy forged by pickup artists

The macho men who are into the alpha male thing believe that you have to be a bad boy to be successful. That’s how you end up being sued or exposing yourself to big trouble. Those men think that they should be pushy. That’s how the pick-up artist Alex Smith has been sentenced to 8-year prison for the gang rape of a woman in 2013. According to the pickup artists like Alex Smith, you have to impose your will on the woman. This is a dangerous behavior and I strongly discourage to do it.  Read the full story about Alex Smith.

The pickup artists make you believe that behaving like a real bad boy is successful. Ok. Ask them where the proof? And sorry, evidence should not be taken from a staged video on Youtube. It is too easy to be a sermonizer.

Don’t believe what female manipulators say

Some women are very good at making you believe that they are surrounded by “bad boys.” However, are you sure about it? I know that many women blame men for all their problems. However, you should always question yourself when you hear stories about men. If you hear a story coming from a woman, you only get a partial side of the story. You would need to know the man’s version to have a more balanced view of what happened. If you believe what many women say, you may think that many men are bad boys. However, I think that the many women who blame are liars.

If you are heterosexual, you are expected to wish to have sex with women. Things are simple, if you want to have sex, you have to ask for it. There is no other way. This does not make you a bad boy. I think it is not being a bad boy to ask a woman to make love to her in a particular situation. Being straightforward does not make you a bad boy.

The bad boy is almost a myth. It is a judgment from some women on some men. In fact, I am almost 40 years old, I only saw 1 man behaving like a bad boy in 20 years. It was my closest friend who welcomed a woman who wanted to marry him in his office. He masturbated and jerked off on her chest and told her to leave. Then, all other stories I heard were I think make-up stories or stories made to manipulate me.