There is no good online dating websites

 Why nobody tells you the truth about dating sites:

First of all, i would like to say, it is very difficult for men to know the truth about online dating websites because those sites invest so much money in advertising so that no media want to say anything bad about them. Some dating coaches like Evan Marc Katz are part of the online dating websites lobby and will never criticize any online dating websites. Many blogs & online newspapers are affiliates and they encourage you to subscribe to an online dating website because they get a commission out of it.

The dating websites economy circle:

  1. Men subscribe to online dating website because they have been brainwashed by advertisements
  2. Online dating websites buy dating coaches & mainstream media through affiliation
  3. Mainstream media write nice stories about online dating websites

The real business model of today’s dating websites:

They don’t care whether men meet anyone online. The most important is that men subscribe to online dating websites. On the other hand, still today, beautiful & psychologically stable women don’t need to subscribe to an online dating website to meet someone. The media made people believe that online dating websites were accepted by women. It is not the case. I guess women are strongly outnumbered by men on any online dating websites. Also, i do think that meeting a beautiful & psychologically stable women online is an urban legend.


Overrepresentation of female predators on Dating websites:

Today, Online dating websites are the place for scammers, gold diggers, psycho women, under-aged girls who want to have fun… Those female predators come online to find their victims as it is easier to do it online. Also, online,  we can find women that nobody wants in real life. It is logical when you think about it. When a woman has difficulties to socialize with people in the real life, it is easier for her to try to meet someone online.

The internet also eases the process for scammers & gold diggers to meet new preys and steal their money. Additionally, there are scammers from all over the world who are looking for passport from USA or West Europe. Strangely enough, media don’t talk that much about it.

There is a stealthy version of the scammer with a promising future, that’s the Gold digger. That’s women who encourage you to spend money on them, without asking you directly to spend money for them.

Fake profiles, the reality of straight online dating websites:

Most of the databases from dating websites are packed with fake profiles. I think about gay men or transgenders who are turned on by picking up straight men online. Some men may impersonate 2 or 3 women by uploading stolen pictures on fake profiles. After reviewing many dating websites, i have been able to detect fake profiles on Almost all dating websites. For instance, i have found transgenders at & I have found men who impersonated women at Badoo & Are you Interested. At plentyoffish, wordings and semantic of some texts in profiles suggested that it was written by teenagers.

Ghost profiles:

You may see profiles of female members who didn’t connect since 1 or 2 or 3 years or even more. It is a waste of time to send them a message. Those profiles are here to make believe that the website is actually bigger that it is in reality.