Comparison of British vs Russian women for dating

I have lived in the UK and I also visited Russia. I am happy to share my experience. I am French. So I thought a long time ago that British women were Europeans. However, I found this was almost impossible to date a British woman when I was in the UK. 

British women have among the highest expectations towards their male date in Europe. They want the man to be rich, adventurous, funny, handsome. Many among them are hypergamic. The expectations of many British women are not realistic.

Russian women aren’t looking for a rich man. They are looking for a stable and serious man first. They value more men who have a regular job and does a 9h to 17h. On the other hand, I have met many British women who left their boyfriend because he was “boring”. This is something I have never seen in Russia. 

In Russia, there is much less pressure than in the UK. We don’t feel like we have to make big money to date women. By the way, the mainstream media gives a wrong picture of Russian women. It is normal since mainstream media sell product and services to western women and they must give the impression that western women are angels. Consequently, men have to work less when they date a Russian woman. They don’t need to wear super classy clothes and be cautious about every single word they say.

Russian women are aware of the biological clock. They are aware that they should not wait too much if they want to be a mother someday. This looks formal, but that’s how it is. Russian women are able to plan their sentimental life with accuracy. For example, a woman can say: ” I want to have fun up to 28 years old and then I am serious with men”. Consequently, they don’t mess around with the man who could be the father of their children. On the other hand, When I was in the UK, I had the feeling that British women thought they were eternal and that they would never get old, ugly and infertile. 

There is a problem with money in the UK. The British households are much more indebted than the Russian households, this is due also to the mindset of British and Russian women. Russian women are thrifty. They will not ask you to go to live in a rich neighborhood and go on vacation in a remote destination and pay for a hotel club. On the other hand, I know British women who asked their boyfriend to move to a rich neighborhood in London to live a rich lifestyle.