Beware of neomasculinists and pickup artist advice

Those last 10 years, I have witnessed an increasing number of neo-machos and pickup artists like Gavin McInnes, Roosh V, Jack Donovan, Styxhexenhammer666, people of

The neo-machismo is a trap for men:

  1. Being pushy will lead you to get in trouble: They encourage you to get pushy with women. However, if you meet a psycho you may get sued for false rape accusations or false sexual abuse accusations. A pickup artist has been convicted to 8-year prison. By the way, I wrote an article about spycams to fight false rape allegations.
  2. Neo-machos make you feel guilty: They make you believe that if you are not successful with women it is your fault. It is a stupid assumption. If you don’t have any money, it is going much more difficult for you to date women as it costs money to date women. Also, if you go halfway, and if your date does not move, she is responsible for her actions. In some western countries, some women expect men to set a date, be funny, be adventurous, be handsome, have a plan for the evening, have a car to go anywhere, tell her when it is time to have sex. It means the man has to do 99% of the job. This female behavior is insane and it is not the fault of men. If you go halfway and if she does not move, it is also her problem. Neo-machos tell you that you aren’t confident enough to sell their coaching lessons. It implies that every single woman is willing to have sex and it is a false assumption. According to the neo-machos, men should do everything in dating and women should do nothing and wait for the man to act like “a real man”.
  3. They have no legitimacy to tell you what a real man is. The neo-macho are vocal about their definition of how a man should behave. Who are they to tell you so? nobody. It is just so easy to sermonize people on a youtube channel or in a conversation. Meanwhile, you will never see those men being really successful with every day’s women. Noone can tell you who a real man is because you are already a real man by default. You don’t need to take steroids and go to the gym. You don’t need to get into a brawl. You don’t need to talk bad to women.
  4. Fighting for women does not work in your interest:  It is stupid to defend women all the time. Women can defend themselves on their own. It is quite funny to see that the neo-machos are the biggest white nights. Think of you before thinking about any women. As I use to say, on the streets, who is likely to be killed by a stranger, a woman or a man? a man is likely being killed because women are overprotected in our societies.
  5. Neo-machos are against porn and male masturbation & porn: The neo-machos want to castrate you like the feminists. That’s the case of neo-macho Gavin McInnes. They want to control your sexuality by getting involved in your privacy. They want to withdraw your right to masturbate. I think it shows how dangerous they can be. Noone should tell you what you should do and not do. Noone should tell you what your sexuality should be. Here is an article of Roosh V against porn. To me, Roosh V shares this symbolic castration performed by feminists.  All the men who are against porn and masturbation are also against freedom. Their aversion to freedom is the same as the ISIS radical Islamists. When someone wants to restrict your freedom it is unacceptable.

The following video implies that quitting porn and masturbating changer a man’s life. In Fact, McInnes is a Catholic Christian (I come from this culture I know the issue too). He is just a hype sermonizer and replaces the most conservative religious officers. Neo-machos are worst than feminists. Neo-machos are dictators who want to impose a way of being.

This guy explains the philosophy of Jack Donovan.