Lounge bars and nightclubs are no more places to pick up women.

I have noticed a major change in those last ten years regarding lounge bars and nightclubs. Ten years ago, those places were major pick-up places. It was advised to go to a bar lounge a nightclub to get a date with a woman everywhere in the western world. Everything changed very quickly.

We witnessed several phenomena:

  • Attractive women go out less as compared to 13 years ago.
  • Today, in nightclubs and bar lounges, the men/women ratio highlights an imbalance between the number of men and women. For instance, if you go out to a London nightclub, you will see many men and few women. I witnessed the biggest amount of men versus women in London and Netherlands. In the nightclub Fabrik from London, i counted 11 men for two women on a dance floor. I also found the same men-women imbalance in the Netherlands. There systematically were seven men for three women. I remember once in a nightclub close to Den Haag, in the Netherlands, I have seen men queueing to speak to one woman. Every 1 minute, a new man was addressing the same woman. It was one of the most pathetic scenes I ever saw in my life. Because of the men/women imbalance, you compete with many other men.
  • Attractive women use to leave nightclubs very early. Sometimes you will not likely see the most beautiful women at the nightclubs. In fact, if you compare the average women’s beauty in the afternoon in clothing shops and the average beauty of women in the night at clubs, you see that afternoon’s women are more beautiful than night’s women.
  • The range of nightclubs female customers is now very narrow. We now find an over-representation of barely legal women at the nightclubs and very few older women. I noticed that women aged above 24 years old are rarer than women who are between 18 and 23 years old. That’s only five years in a person’s life. Older people go out less to nightclubs and nightclubs tend to attract the youngest people only.
  • Attractive women very often come to the club with a chaperon. A chaperon is a mix of decor and bodyguard. It is a man who accompanies ladies wherever they go. He is stuck in the friend zone and does not understand he is utilized as an accessory just like a “sac Vuitton.” It can turn into a white knight and prevent you from approaching the girls.
  • Women are not accessible anymore in lounge bars and nightclubs. When you are addressing a woman in a bar lounge or a night-club, many women now behave as you were accosting them on the street. Whoever you are, whatever you do, this is a lost battle because of their mind is locked up in this particular situation.
  • The few women who go out are in defensive mode. They aren’t willing to talk to you anyways.

Thus, a man may spend his money each week on lounge bars and nightclubs trying to find a girlfriend or a one night stand. Nevertheless, according to my calculation, in the western world, he will only have one opportunity, every two months if he goes out every weekend. Men have to change their mind-set and try to seduce women in day places rather than nightclubs and lounge bars. I am not saying you should not go out to nightclubs and lounge bars anymore because those places can also be useful to date a woman. Nevertheless, don’t go to lounge bars and nightclubs to PICK UP women.

I wrote an Ebook with the list of day pick up places to meet beautiful women. I encourage you to buy it.