Are Ukrainian women gold diggers?

There is this rumor saying that Ukrainian women are gold diggers. This is what we often see when there is a documentary on the TV about Ukrainian brides. I know Ukrainian women, European women, and American women. I think the best would be to compare. I have observed couples in the USA and also Europe. I compared the expenses of mixed couples (one male westerner and one Ukrainian woman) on one hand and the expenses of local couples (2 American people, 2 french people).

I have found that in 100% of the cases, female westerners had higher expectations towards their man than Ukrainian women. For example, they wanted a swimming pool, going on vacation 4 times a year, a nice SUV, a brand new kitchen… Ukrainian women don’t have those expectations. Ukrainian women may have corny expectations like visiting Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City, visiting Disney land and that’s it. If I compare the expectations of Ukrainian women and the expectations of female westerners, the female westerner expectations are systematically higher. 

Furthermore, Ukrainian don’t change in time. For example, if their dream is one house one car. It is not likely to be one castle and one BMW in 20 years time. On the other hand, I have found that female westerners could increase their expectations after many years of marriage. For example, even if they never value the yard of their house, they suddenly want a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi and they don’t tolerate their husband to disagree with it. 

I think the media are propagandists. They make you believe those female westerners are financially independent and they aren’t gold diggers because they sell products and services to those women in TV ads. However, I think that American women are among the biggest gold diggers on earth. They are stealthy gold diggers. Rather than telling a man what they want upfront, they wait for several years before imposing their expectations to their man. 

Don’t be discouraged by Ukrainian women expectations

An Ukrainian woman may tell you what she wants upfront. This may be a turn-off but it is honest. This is the most honest starter for a relationship. On the other hand, I have met many westerners who hid their strategy and waited for the time when they had a baby to disclose it.  

When you know what an Ukrainian woman wants, you can talk about it. If it is not realistic you can tell her and prove her that it is not realistic. It makes sense when those women are young and inexperienced.