Are Russian women gold diggers

For sure, there are gold diggers in the Russian female population. However, I think there are way more gold diggers in the USA than in Russia. The propagandist media often portray Russian women as being greedy, self-centered and demanding. However, in the real world, my experience is different. For many years, I have interacted with eastern European women and at some point, I had to come back to Europe.

When I observed local couples in west Europe. I was surprised to see that local western European women were much more demanding than Russian women. The media manipulate you big time. 

About scammed male westerners

Some men who have been to Russia or Ukraine complained that they spent big money on local women. I have several things to say about it. If we compare the expenses related to a couple with an American woman on one hand and the expenses related to common life with a Russian woman, in the vast majority of the cases, the amount of money that was spent for a Russian woman will be less than the money you spent for an American woman. No websites tell you that the financial expectations of American women are crazy nowadays.

Russian scams are nothing compared to American scams

By the way, let’s imagine that a man lost $6000 USD because a Russian woman told him that she needs this money for a family member surgery. This amount of money is nothing if we compare it to the cost of a divorce, the cost of alimony, the expenses to please American women (gifts, lifestyle)

Russian women are worth it

Even if it costs money to fly to Russia, hire a dating agency, maybe learn Russian, it is going to be less expensive than sharing a life with an American woman. Russian women aren’t as demanding as American women. American women increase their expectations over the years. For instance, an American woman aged 60 years old may decide it is time to buy a house on the Barbados Island and live there even if she never went to Barbados. It is going to be her obsession since that time on. It is going to create a lot of stress for the husband because this American woman will never stop talking about it. This American woman will cry, scream maybe for several years before getting what she wants. On the other hand, I have never seen a Russian playing this type of emotional blackmail game.


American women are overrated. The mainstream media make you believe that they are nice and they aren’t hypergamic at all. They make you believe they aren’t interested in the money of men. In this context, a Russian woman may be interested in the purchasing power of a man but her financial expectations towards the man will never equal the financial expectations of an American woman.