Are Russian women easier than American women? – 2018

Today, Russian women have less high expectations than American women. Many American women which a man to be a good money provider to buy a hot tub, a swimming pool, a big house in the suburb, a cottage in the southern part of the USA. While the media have portrayed Russian women are greedy gold diggers, reality can’t be further from the truth. From my observations, Russian women don’t expect their male companion to be a millionaire. They want a stable man. They use to say they don’t like “players.” The percentage of real gold diggers are low in Russia. The majority of them are ready to work to financially help their husband.

High expectations of American women

I have observed the new generations of American women and found that in they have high expectations very early in their lifetime. American women expect men to be rich, handsome, adventurous, funny, artistic at 18 years old. Most of the time American women say no to men because they don’t match with their requirements. Thus, it is very hard to date an American woman. An American woman prefers not to date anyone in her league. Whatever the age of an American woman, she has high expectations towards men.


Russian women are technically easier than American women because they don’t have high expectations as American women.