Are events good to pick up women?

I tried meetings in London and Amsterdam. The concept of should have been perfect to meet women. Those meetings are sorted by themes. For instance, one theme can be “French speakers in New York City.” I extensively tried meetups and found it was not a place to pick up women. Profiles of women are very specific. If it is a meetup with a theme that is popular with women, you may only find housewives and early grannies. If it is a meetup with a more general theme, you will see a ratio of 7 men to 3 women. You may find an over-representation of cougars who are looking for a new husband. After going to meetup meetings for three years, I only saw two beautiful women. Plus, there were lots of men who were also looking for a new date. Consequently, when there is a pretty woman in a meetup, she is surrounded by 4 or 5 guys. In other words, it is just like going to a nightclub except some people may ask you to become their friend and ask you to find a job for their girlfriend/wife…. More importantly, I haven’t seen many beautiful women in the meetup events where I have been.

In conclusion, there are way better networks of people to meet women. Try to avoid meetups at any price. If you are moving to a new city, I don’t suggest to try meetups to meet new people. I do encourage you buy my “list of day places to pick up women” .

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