Does alcohol help to pick up women?

young-women-drinkingAlcohol helps women to get rid of inhibitions. It also helps men to get rid of inhibitions and get more confident. However, as I am looking back on my sex life, I remembered that the asexual women also drunk and I was not able to do anything with them. I vividly remember a French woman who drunk vodka and remained very cold. I remember a Portuguese woman in a nightclub who used to drink a whisky-coke and was extremely cold too.

The number of success I had with women who drunk a lot of alcohol does not represent more than one-third of all my one-night stand.

Now, I stopped drinking because I think it useless to ruin my health for social purposes. I understood it was a mistake to rely on alcohol to make a one-night stand successful. Now, I think it is more useful to be straightforward with a woman and tell her that you want to have sex with her even if she is sober.