A nice woman isn’t necessarily a respectful woman

A woman may sound nice. She may compliment you. She may have a sweet sharp voice and a classy attitude. However, this does not mean this woman is respectful to you.

A woman may smile to you. She can tell you sweet words. She can compliment you but meanwhile, she may not be respectful with you. For instance, you may wait for a woman during 1 hour in your car while she is shopping even if she told you that it will take 5 minutes.

A woman can tell you that she is your friend, but she always asks you to help her with no reciprocity.

When I was the university, I had a so-called female friend who studied with me. I remember the time when she asked me to drive her to her boyfriend’s place which was also my friend. But then, after reaching the destination she made me feel like I had to leave. Her boyfriend didn’t want me to go. I understood I was used as a taxi driver. Meanwhile, she used to compliment me, and she never criticized or judged me.

On the other hand, a woman who sounds and looks always grumpy may decide to financially help you when you really need it. Those examples are obvious but it is not always easy to identify those disrespectful women who show a benevolent face to you.

That’s why it is important for men to stop relying on a woman’s look. This can be really misleading. An innocent looking woman may have a baby face with a sharp voice. However, she may not respectful.

That’s why it is important to rethink the relationships with the women that you know.

On the internet, the MGTOW communities focus a lot on obvious female predators like gold diggers.