A female manipulator says she’ll not be a financial burden

Here is a new type of female manipulators I have observed. I have said in the past, that unemployed housewives were a financial burden for the husband. I have couple examples where couples ended up their life in misery because they could only rely on one retirement pension. When a woman didn’t work for 30 years, the issue is quite obvious.

Now, fewer men are ready to marry an unemployed woman because the financial risk is too high for the man. It would be really bad if this man would have a chronic disease someday.

Interestingly I have spotted a new kind of manipulators. Those women make their man believe that they have a project or a plan. For example, they tell him that they study something at home or they tell him that they will start an E-commerce website, selling handmade jewelry or make youtube videos about her life. The mainstream media make believe that those niches are profitable but it does not make any money in 99,99% of the cases. Those women may never earn more than $50 every month. The manipulator will work hard to hypnotize her boyfriend or husband. Her project will always be on the move and she will never make big money. She may also make him believe that there are imaginary barriers to prevent her to succeed.

Obviously, their project does not go anywhere and they should go finding a real job as soon as possible but they don’t do anything because they only rely on the boyfriend/husband financial source.

It is a very interesting sociological study. I have also observed that those women also play this comedy with relatives. Quite interestingly I have seen very few people challenging a woman who failed at starting a business. On the other hand, I have faced women who challenged my business many times. There is here a double standard and I encourage you to take a look at it. When a woman is not successful or that her business is obviously not profitable, no-one really questions her about her business. For example, no-one tells a female youtuber: “How much do you earn with advertisement on a monthly basis?” , “can you get a real salary out of you youtube income?”.

When a woman is an entrepreneur, people consider this situation like an optional woman life aspect. For people, if a woman does not make money it is not important because it is important that the man makes money. Women should go to work too because men should not be money providers of women. It is not a normal situation to work all your life for your wives or your girlfriends.

Anyways, I have found that those women who pretended to be entrepreneur did it to make their husband/boyfriend believe that they would not be a financial burden. At the beginning of the relationship, the man thinks “ok, she is going to earn money in the future, there is no problem with it”. Doing so, he stops being realistic. However, he should think about her project. Since many men things at first sight that the project is serious, they get trapped. After sometimes, the relationship gets serious, she gets pregnant and the man can’t envisage leaving his woman. She won. There is an additional event that seals the deal. The birth of a child.

The plan of the “i am not a burden” manipulator:

First, she says she has a plan like making videos on youtube. After 5 years, nothing happened. At the very moment when she could not justify her failure… guess what? she gets pregnant. Then, the man does not leave a mother and her child. After several years, they will get divorced. This game will last 8 to 10 years.