90-day fiancé – the media propaganda against Russian brides

90-day fiancé

The 90-day fiancé TV show that followed couples where one of the partners applied for a K1 visa and have 90 days to decide to marry before the foreign partner visa expires. One of the most iconic couples of this TV show was the one made by Anfisa (an alleged Russian woman) & Jorge (an American man). Anfisa is a heavy spender and she liked to be extremely sophisticated without looking for getting her own money. She pressured Jorge to bring her the lifestyle she wanted financially speaking. We found that according to the OECD, the Russian households are the thriftiest households of all the OECD nations. Consequently, Anfisa is not representative of the Russian brides since a household includes the expenses of the man and the woman in a couple. Most Russian women are not like Anfisa. They study hard to get a job and be financially independent.

The show business version of a Russian woman


A real Russian woman’s life

As you can see the reality of Russian women is very different from what you can see on 90 day fiancé. Russian women have real jobs and don’t expect men to financially support them throughout their life.